vague silencieuse

ENSIGN | Hangar 30, Ateliers MilleFeuilles, Nantes 2015 |
from 03 juillet 2015 to 31 mars 2017

The bunker intrigues by its story and its unfailing presence. As an evocation, a form of legacy or marks of our memory, what is its impact today on our mental and urban landscapes?
Blackening the blockhouse and drawing on it with charcoal -which is by the way one of gunpowder’s components- gives us information on the building’s function: a stock of arms and dynamite. Coloring it with charcoal brings to the surface its content, involving at the same time a form of evolution. Depending on the weather -rain, sun or wind- the charcoal marks slowly fade and disappear.

Ensign, as its name suggests, reveals its own de nition (XIIth century; ensenna, 980; latin, insignia, badge; plural of « brand »).
The Ensign imposes itself as such, while questioning at the same time what we learn from it and its context. Placed on top of a bunker, opaque and silent, it remains there, close to the ground, between the high and recent housings, like an immutable relic from the past.