Blu in situ

from 14 septembre to 06 novembre 2018

Déambulation libre du 15 septembre au 6 novembre
Départ devant l'église
renseignements : service Info Tourisme, 13430 Eyguières

BLU in situ est un projet participatif proposé par l’association voyons voir l art contemporain et territoire en coproduction avec la ville d’Eyguières - Capitale Provençale de la Culture 2018 et le Conseil Départemental des Bouches-du-Rhône.
remerciements à tous les habitants qui ont activement participé au projet.

To reach the heights of the village of Eyguières is to dive into the sky. 360 °, the view dominates the valley of Crau and the Alpilles.
Under our feet flow three sources, the Borme, Gilouse and Font-Vielle that we can hardly guess, except through the fountains and wash houses.
To accentuate this presence of sky and water, one visible and the other underground, Perrine Lacroix proposes to install a cyanometer at the top of the old center of Eyguières.
Composed of 53 shades of cyan, this instrument measures the variations and intensity of the blue of the sky. Here, he also suggests those of water.
In 1789, Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, its inventor, observes that the color of the sky depends on the particles, and in particular the water vapor, suspended in the atmosphere.

These shades of blue come down the stairs, slip into the ghouls, appear on the walls, as if to emphasize on the surface the presence of water in the city.
They color plane trees, symbols of the south of France, an agricultural lime - and yet pictorial - as to protect them from winter and parasites.
They remind us of how precious our nature is and how it is part of our environmental and mental "landscape".