Babel, le fleuve des oiseaux

Babel, le fleuve des oiseaux |
from 13 to 29 octobre 2017

Installation on the dock and the edge of river the Rhône betwee 15 and 45 dock Augagneur 69003 LYON
from 13 to 29 octobrer
collective creation presented by the Anteprima Company
with the young unaccompanied minors of the group A bottle at the sea
artistic coordination Antonella Amirante

artistic conception Perrine Lacroix
sound creation Nicolas Maisse
author Simon Grangeat

with Abasse, Ahmed, Ahmed Oui Al Assane, Baba, Baba Sadou, Dragana, Gaoussou D, Gaoussou, Ibrahim, Idrissa, Inza, Ismaël, Jules, Lancei, Marius, Massaliou, Moussa, Noumory, Ouili, Ousmane, Siriki, Sofia, Momo

the project Babel, the river of birds is the end of one year of meeting and working with a group of young migrants. We went together to theater, museum, birds parc, we share different workshop of writing, sound, theater, art.
During this different meetings, they often said words about world birds. That why I propose a simple metaphor between migratory and migrants. During one week the young migrants built birdhouses, they took care of them.
After we went to hang them in the trees along the river, the Rhône, that is on the trajectory of migratory birds from Africa to the north.
At the edge of the water, two large aviaries. one mech is empty, the other one you can sit and listen to the text written by the migrants and read by them.

Migration is a natural phenomenon. Like birds, man migrates always. Paleontology thinks that Homo sapiens owes its survival to its ability to migrate. This allowed responding to the glaciations and heat waves of last hundred thousand years. The man continues to migrate for different reasons in different parts of the world. Few things change except our apprehension and politic decision.