Mauer, Berlin | Erratum, Berlin, Germany 2014 |
from 08 novembre to 05 décembre 2014

curator: Damien Sayer
Winfried pays homage to the last Berlin wall victime, Winfried Freudenberg, who desperately attempted to flee the Communist Eastern bloc just months before the wall fell. It represents a simple draught in a polyethylene film, the material he used to create his ballon. 

The floor of Erratum’s underground passage is covered with underlay, as are the cushions on the floor. The public is invited to sit down on the cushions that will become permeated with their visit.
This installation evokes the Stasi interrogations: its members used to collect scents from their suspects by making them sit on rags. These rags were then stored in glass containers known as "smelling jars". Dogs were specially bred to recognize and detect these smells.
Just 25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, Damien Sayer, curator of the exhibition, wears a square of underlay under his sport clothes while jogging from the West to the East. Scented with his odour, the fabric is then stored inside a jar and displayed on a shelf.