vague silencieuse

Colouring | Blockhouse of the Hub studio, Nantes 2013 |
from 16 mai to 08 septembre 2013

The bunker intrigues by its story and its unfailing presence. As an evocation, a form of legacy or marks of our memory, what is its impact today on our mental and urban landscapes? What transformation does it operate on us? Which silent wave? 
In the West, we pay attention to the loudest events instead of the silent groundswell. According to François Jullien, Chinese philosophy does not consider the existence of defined beings and states, but recognizes the transformation processes that lead the world to evolve as a whole, in a more or less progressive manner, slow and silent.
curator: Romain Boulay
special thanks to the enthusiast engaged team: Romain Boulay, Marine Pasquet, Niels Ducamp, Nicolas Respriget, Adrien Bordeau, Geoffroy Terrier
production: Mpvite, Nantes
Blackening the blockhouse and drawing on it with charcoal -which is by the way one of gunpowder’s components- gives us information on the building’s function: a stock of arms and dynamite. Coloring it with charcoal brings to the surface its content, involving at the same time a form of evolution. Depending on the weather -rain, sun or wind- the charcoal marks slowly fade and disappear.