La bonne aventure

The good adventure | La halle art center, Pont-en-Royans 2012 |
from 07 juillet to 08 septembre 2012

exhibition in dialogue with Lucja Ramotowski-Brunet
curator: Christelle Nicolas
The art center La Halle invites Perrine Lacroix and Lucja Ramotowski-Brunet for a duo exhibition entitled The good adventure. Their common interest for landscape has been the occasion of a residency invitation, and the realisation of a specific work linked to territory. Their perception of landscape and their creation process are yet very different.

For Lucja Ramotowski-Brunet, photography is an end, landscape is a symbolic accessory, whereas for Perrine Lacroix, they are two starting points that serve the process. For her, construction is omnipresent, whatever the medium would be, through the choice of the places, the material, the objects, the vocabulary. Her work changes the scales, ruins our points of reference, the large becomes the small and in return the small becomes the large and provokes dizziness. Thus she creates in situ spaces, interventions; it provokes simultaneous distance and closeness, a mirror effect like in the theater. 
"With a strategy of displacing and diverting common objects, Perrine Lacroix evokes a state of transition and suspension in time, where wasteland becomes the metaphor of this indecision between an unfinished past and an uncertain future." (Audrey Illouz)
During the time of the residency, the two artists have set up a work protocole in the surroundings of the Vernaison and the Bourne (rivers), the conductive flows of crossed landscapes.
Lucja, accompagnied by two models (Etienne and Emmanuel), composes sketches. They are twins and the game puts their bodies in tension with the landscape-scenery. Perrine documents and akes the creative process visible, while permuting the roles, the scenery returns to its nature: environment, space, substance.

Christelle Nicolas