Installation 2 | Delmonico Dorel quarry, Saint Julien-Molin-Molette 2008 | 2008

in collaboration with Véronique Vincent (architect)
with the support of Delmonico Dorel, AGP and Christian Kucharczak SARL
By a small narrow and high door, the walker enters a hut; he enters a trapezoidal box which expands towards a window.
The whole space exists for one aim: guide the viewer towards this window. The same landscape that we see through is printed on it, but shot beneath the snow. As the white color does not exist in digital printing, it creates transparency through which we perceive that some trees marked in pink have disappeared. This interior camera obscura makes it possible to look and grasp the outside... through the window, get news of the world, get absorbed by the gaze, thus increasing our horizons.
The Italian Renaissance Studiolo is the first curiosity cabinet ancestor, a workspace of reflection in which the walls are adorned with scholarly works. Studiolo was used as a laboratory, an office, a place where you can get away, a secret room.