Via aerea

Via aerea | Dolceacqua arte contemporanea (d.a.c.), Dolceacqua, Italy 2015 |
from 12 to 27 septembre 2015

curator: Tilman
A round moving shape invades the space, hugging the walls of the blockhaus, and filling its emptiness
with a volume of trapped air. Like an opaque nocturnal monochrome, the balloon's imposing but light mass vibrates and breathes at the pace of a breeze.
Limit between night and day, at the frontier between France and Italy, the balloon here suggests a form of dated resistance to today's virtual communications.
At the same time, this flying object's fragility, created by the Montgolfier brothers during the 18th century, seems as precarious as the makeshift crafts that transport today thousands of migrants on the Mediterranean.