Courtyard view | L'Escaut, Brussels, Belgium 2014 |
from 22 novembre to 05 décembre 2014

curator: Antonin Kremer
set up: Marius Lacroix
with the support of AGP and Miroiterie Ley
Archétype is an exhibition that brings together the work of Roman Boulay, John Cornu, Antonin Kremer, Perrine Lacroix, Jonathan Loppin and Nicolas Milhé, whose main focus of work is questioning the explicit artwork messages to the visitor/spectator.

L’Escaut’s ground floor space is triangular and narrows to a large bay window that directs one’s look towards a nonexistent landscape, a blind courtyard, a white wall. Courtyard view amplifies this phenomenon by unfolding and multiplying the window panes in the space, through an operation of displacement and projected shadow, of transparency and reflection.