Invisible architecture | Moulins de Paillard, Poncé-sur-le-Loir 2014 |
from 11 octobre to 29 novembre 2014

exhibition with Oliver Beer, Clino Castelli, Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, Perrine Lacroix and Vincent Lamouroux
curator : Alexandra Fau
special thanks to Laurent Besset
Here, a round moving shape invades the space, hugging its walls and lling its emptiness with a volume of trapped air. Made of black plastic, it is a solar balloon locked in the exhibition space, whose flight is doubly prevented: the walls restrict its movement, and the lack of sun heat holds it to the ground.
Imposing but light black mass, it faces the projection of the film Winfried. Simple draught caught throgh a thin plastic sheet, this sequence is a tribute to the Berlin wall's last victim. 

In the former paper mill of the Moulins de Paillard, the tribute to Winfried leads us back to another escape story: that of Jean Montgolfier, captured by the Turks in 1147 while fighting in the Crusades. For three
years he worked in Damascus, in a paper mill from which he escaped, taking with him samples of Damascus paper.
A few centuries later, in 1782, the brothers Michel-Joseph and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier, then directors of the family’s paper mill, made their first ight in the French sky. Their balloon, into which hot air was released lift it, was made of hessian lined-paper.

It is not a coincidence if these two destinies that marked history meet in the former papermill of the Moulins de Paillard. 

Between the two ballons, in the central room, a tuffeau stone is partially sanded, erased. Around it, the floor is covered in its own consistance, friable, at the state of powder.