Prisons de Lyon

Votre attention s'il vous plait | Saint-Paul prison, Lyon 2012 |
from 14 to 30 septembre 2012

curators: Bernard Bolze and Daniel Siino
set up: Amoudy, Atmann, Tewfik and Tristan
sound recording and mixing: Patrick Blache
Your attention please... underscores the physical proximity between two opposite worlds: that of confinement and that of movement. In Lyon, the old St. Paul and St. Joseph prisons are encircled by the station, the highway, the tram and the road. In the St. Paul prison sport court, Your attention please... amplifies the surrounding sounds: voices arise from the nearby railway station, from the movement of trains and trams, from the cars on the road or on the highway. This orchestration of movement is even played in the cells and the halls, where resounds the SNCF jingle, Simone’s voice, the arrival and departure announcements, the screeches of brakes, the whistle blows... The inmates used to continuously
assist to this hullabaloo.
However, now that the prisons have been transferred from Lyon to Corbas, the inmates regret not being able to hear these movements anymore, as they gave rythm to their days and invited them to a mental escape.

Above the courtyard, the sky is chequered by anti-helicopters wires that come on top of the railway wires. Some of them prevent, the others take away.